The Truth About Hard Work

You feel stressed, but you also have some sense of doing a lot, accomplishing something.

Deep inside, though, you know that you’re confusing busy-ness with true productivity.

It seems that you can’t get out of this maddening cycle.

The truth is, like a dog chasing its tail, you’re just never going to get there. It’s not your fault: Society preaches overworking as a means of achievement. But that’s a counterproductive path that will never take you where you need to be.

If you’re a high achiever with a full schedule and an open mind, it’s time to unlock the ancient Eastern secrets to greater productivity and happiness.

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What's the Answer Then?

There’s a healthier, far more effective set of strategies that will help you regain your focus and reach your goals.

I’m Erin Owen, and I coach business leaders to abandon the never-stopping treadmill of overwork and help them make conscious choices about the way they work and live.

I leverage a unique background steeped in Eastern philosophical and energetic practices, health and nutrition expertise, and real-world business experience. Quite honestly, you will not find another coach in the world with my unique skillset, professional experience, personal background and clear, grounded nature.

I’ll show you a simple and manageable new way of living and working. The result? You’ll transform your personal and professional life.