How you lose weight without dieting or exercising more

It’s simple

Though not necessarily easy

It doesn’t require any special pills or
Nor the purchase of a special book or DVD

Nor is it sexy

So for all these reasons
It’s not a raging fad

But it is the longest known
Approach to dieting and weight loss
That I know of


It’s called mindful eating


And it requires two things:
One – you
Two – your attention

The first is pretty easy to come by
Since you are usually with yourself

The second is not so easy these days
With your complex “to do” list
And so many devices beeping and distracting you

But once you get your attention on board
It’s pretty simple


Here’s how it works:
You, alone with you, and whatever you are eating
Focusing all your senses and your wandering mind
on eating


(you’ll soon discover why, in yoga, we call it a
monkey mind – swinging here and there, up to all
kinds of mischief!)


Pay attention to what you notice
The data that each of your senses is gathering in

And respect what you learn


Starving? Interesting. Take a bite, of course,
but ask yourself why did you wait so long to eat?

Don’t like the flavor? Don’t eat it then. Period.

Not hungry? Don’t eat. Enough said.

Full already? Great. Stop eating and move on.

Adding seasoning (or dressing or whatever) out of
habit? Really want it?

Swallowing bites whole without chewing? Why in
such a rush?

Eating for reasons other than hunger? First,
welcome to the club. Second, take note of why and
pause. Breathe into what you are observing and
write it down. Then, move on and do something else
– but don’t eat.


Mindful eating.
Yes, it is eating.
But, it’s different this way, being mindful of why and when and how.
And – most important – respecting what you learn
and heeding that wisdom.


In this way
I lost weight
Without dieting
Or exercising more.

And as a result I felt:
-More in control
-Better about myself
-More energized
-Comfortable in my skin and in my clothes
-Clearer in my thinking
-More focused and inspired about work


The old way is dieting


The new way is mindful eating


If you decide to give it a go
And try an honest experiment
With mindful eating
I guarantee you will feel some or all of this way
And maybe lose weight as a by-product of getting
to know more about your relationship with food


But if implementing this approach is more
challenging than you expected
And you would like support
breaking through to the other side
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