Break Free from The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

I don’t want to be a downer, but sometimes life is a painful struggle.

You feel completely and totally overwhelmed by the most basic responsibilities that need to get done to keep the household running… to just keep the lights on in your business… to just get up in the morning.

Where is there room for joy?

This back-to-school period is incredibly challenging for most of us—even if we don’t have any kids in the house going back to school.

With so much going on, it’s not a great time to start something new, and yet—this time of year (autumn) is when we start to harvest the fruits of our labors earlier in the year.

If you planted healthy seeds and nurtured their growth these past six months, you’re now benefitting from all your conscious, steady effort.

If on the other hand you never fully weeded your garden, or perhaps planted seeds you didn’t really want to plant, you may now be dealing with the aftermath of overgrowth and tangles and maybe even prickly, painful situations.

Wherever you are this time of year, it’s likely the seasonal shift has you feeling the unbearable heaviness of being.

Perhaps you’ve already started to emerge from the weight and are (gratefully) feeling a bit lighter and freer.

But… if you’re still struggling to break free from the overwhelm, the fatigue, and the general feeling that you’re stuck in a place that you don’t want to be in, don’t despair.

For nearly 10 years now, I’ve supported successful, high performing professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs just like you in breaking through those frustrating invisible ceilings that unnecessarily hold you back. [You can read about my clients’ experiences here.]

Here are 3 Options for YOU to consider:

(1) If you’ve never worked with me and are curious how I might be able to support you, I invite you to join me for a free 15-minute call

“Erin quickly identified the #1 issue holding me back” Diane Young Sussman

(2) If you know it’s time to learn better time management strategies and how to create better boundaries between work and the rest of your life, but you’re not sure where to begin, then I invite you to join me for a full 1-hour private assessment.

“I am now more productive in less time at work and spend more time with those I love” Nina Berryman, Farm Manager, Philadelphia PA 

(3) Or if you’re ready to dive right in and experiment with my simple, time-tested and Eastern-inspired strategies for simplifying the complexities of modern living, I invite you to take my Boost Your Performance program that features a brand new component—1:on:1 private calls with me after each lesson to ensure you follow through and get the most out of your investment and the best possible results so you can work less, make more money, experience more joy, and live life more fully.

“Our work together turned everything around” Sarah Van Aken, CEO and Fashion Designer, Philadelphia PA 


Winners Announced for the Work Performance Survey

Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to respond to our survey on “What drives good work performance?” The survey is now closed and we will soon be sending out a report of the survey results.


This email announces the lucky people who won one of the prizes we awarded as a thank you for taking the time to help us with this initiative. Please look through the list below to see if you won!


$100 gift card for Whole Foods Market (or equivalent at a locally-owned food retailer of your choosing)
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$50 AmEx gift card
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Digital download of the resource “Boost Your Performance In and Out of the Office” workbook, quick guide, and professionally recorded audio lessons ($350 value)
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Author-signed copy of the book “Refuel, Recharge, and Re-energize: The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy” ($15 value) or a Kindle-version of the same book (not signed by author)
JSR Middlebury VT
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If you are a prize winner and we have not yet contacted you directly about receiving your prize, then you will hear from us shortly. If you have any questions or concerns, or simply wish to celebrate with us, please reply to this email!

NOTE: We used the website RANDOM.ORG to randomly and objectively select winners from the total list of those who responded to the survey. It’s a cool site, so check it out if you ever have to do something like this!

Thanks, again, for your support of this project. We’ll be in touch soon with a full report of the survey results.

What's your big idea? The one you're itching to get out there?

ideaI want to know.

What’s your big idea?

The one you’re itching to get into the world?

  • Is it a new product or service for your existing customer/client base?
  • Is it quitting your job to launch a community service organization?
  • Is it a new initiative to improve access to healthy food?
  • Are you hoping to downshift your business to focus more on your own pursuits and wellness?
  • Is it the masterpiece inside you that you’ve not yet shared with the world?

What is it? What is your big idea?

I truly want to know, so reply here and let me know…

And while you’re at it, tell me what stage of development it’s at.

Which of the following statements would best describe where you are:


This is “The Spark”, where you have the inkling of something you’d like to do and start to daydream about how you need to metaphorically weed the garden of your life and cultivate your soil to allow for the seed to get planted in the future.


This is when you get even more excited and you have what is like a really detailed, full-color “Visual Picture” of your idea in your head. You imagine your idea as being real, out in the world, and where you’re further along in the metaphorical weeding and cultivating stage and have ideas about the seeds, tools, soil conditions, and nutrients you’ll need to plant and cultivate – but if you’re planting, you’re still in the greenhouse.


This is the “Co-Creation” stage, where you’re planting in your metaphorical greenhouse and inviting others to come in and take a look and see what tools and expertise and supplies and nutrients they can offer up to help bring your seeds to life.


You’re deeper into the “Co-creation” stage, not only tending the metaphorical seeds you’ve planted in your greenhouse and using the support that’s come your way, but preparing the site where you’ll move your seedlings or more developed baby plants into the field outside.


You’re even further along in the co-creating stage, planting your seeds in the outside field or transferring your starter plants to the field, cultivating growth. It’s exciting to be out in the world and have it be real.


Your idea is solidly planted in the outside world, and you are cultivating its growth, while you continue to weed and prune and water and add nutrients.


You are beginning to see metaphorical buds or flowers or berries or first bits of harvest-able growth in your beautiful plants, and further along in this stage you’ll be harvesting wholly formed flowers or fruits or yields and celebrating successes more and more.

Next week I’ll write more about the challenges and opportunities of each stage of growth in bringing your big idea into the world.

For a sneak peek at my mastermind incubator group program, Spring Into Being®, launching later this Spring, click here.

Lose Weight Without the 3 Dreaded D’s…

In this post, I’m sharing Rich Resources you’ll want to Keep Forever:

  • Details and bonuses for next week’s free call “How to Lose Weight Effortlessly Without the 3 Dreaded D’s”
  • Ideas you can implement NOW to lighten up, feel better about yourself, and have more energy, and
  • Additional resources to do a seasonal cleanse and release excess pounds.

Are you feeling heavy and sluggish? Do you have a desire to lose some of the excess weight you put on over the winter months?

Are you dreading, though, that you’ll have to do it by Dieting? Or by taking some experimental Drug? Or, that you’ll have to enter the dreaded zone of Deprivation?

This is an important time of year to acknowledge the hardships you’ve been through, by reflecting on the cold, harsh winter months or your challenging past experiences, or by celebrating Passover or Easter.

By releasing your burdens and crossing over to the other side, you create space to emerge into a fresh, inviting place of new beginnings.

When you let go of excess weight, think of it as Spring cleaning for your body or de-cluttering your internal environment. When you do this, you feel lighter and more energized. You feel better about your body and yourself. And that positive shift of energy and outlook support the planting & cultivating of new seeds in your life.

What will I talk about on next week’s free call?

To celebrate Spring, and as part of my on-going expression of gratitude to you, next week’s free call will reveal:

  • The #1 Eastern-inspired secret for losing weight effortlessly
  • Foundational Principles I teach my private clients that are essential for letting go of what no longer serves you
  • How to Go with the Flow to lose weight naturally and without the 3 Dreaded D’s (Dieting, Drugs, and Deprivation)

But, first… The Bottom Line:  What do you have to gain? And what do you have to lose?

My least successful client who experimented with these ideas lost only 3 pounds in a month, and my most successful clients lost more than 40 pounds in three months. Best of all, they were all successful in losing weight.

How to Lose Weight Effortlessly
Without the 3 Dreaded D’s

April 11, 2013 at 12 noon Eastern

To learn more or sign-up to grab your spot on the line for this call, click here now.

Exciting BONUSES for Joining the Call LIVE

When you receive email confirmation of your registration for the call, you’ll also receive details about the 4 bonuses you’ll receive for joining the call LIVE at the scheduled day and time. (And, yes, these are unique bonuses just for this call!)

Why am I offering bonuses? I know you’re busy, so I want to make it worth your while to commit and follow through to joining me live! Plus, I love hearing your voice and having you be present on the call.

Register now, put the details on your calendar and don’t miss it!

Four Fabulous Trusted Resources You Should Know About

One of the best ways to boost your energy and get ready for Spring is to release excess fat from the liver that gets built-up over the winter months. On next week’s free call I’ll include resources that show you simple, manageable ways to do a seasonal cleanse without extreme measures or fasting or products.

If you want to explore the idea of participating in a professionally-facilitated seasonal cleanse from the comfort of your home, I invite you to consider one of these:

Mela Stevens of Whole Body Works is offering her 9th annual Cleanse, which is a one-week (virtual) workshop focusing on total self-care. For full details, contact Mela.

Here are the basic details:

When: Monday, April 22 through Monday, April 29, 2012

Focus: A 3-to-8 day purification helping the body (mainly), the mind (follows naturally) and the spirit (always) adjust to the change in seasons. Rest and renew to be in full preparation for living extraordinarily.

The Cleanse support includes:

  • Online group coaching
  • Online group conversation/dialogue with other cleansers
  • A mid-week one-hour teleclass  (Wed, 4/24, 9-10 PM Eastern time)
  • Moderated instruction
  • Informational handouts
  • Recipes
  • and Fun!

The 10-day Spring Detox program offered by Linda Petursdottir of Simple Well Being begins April 19. It’s a bit longer and involves even more supporting resources, so this is perfect for the person who needs a full-court press in shedding those extra pounds.

You can find all the details about Linda’s detox program, including some pretty inspiring success stories from past participants, on her website here.

Both Mela’s and Linda’s programs focus on eating fresh, whole foods, and neither involve the 3 Dreaded D’s. I have participated in both of these in the past and highly recommend them. I may be doing one of them again this Spring, but have not yet decided.

My own incremental cleanse started yesterday with cutting out alcohol and refined sugar. I’ll share more about my own cleanse on next week’s free call.

Are you the DIY type? If so, my colleague Priscilla Stephan of Sweet Path Wellness has just the thing. Her 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge is a whole foods approach to living more and weighing less. No diets or deprivation. Just a gentle but very effective way to cleanse your body from winter and holiday toxins with delicious foods that will never leave you hungry. Hello loose clothing, glowing skin and doubling your energy and good-bye to those extra pounds. You can sign up here to get her 10 day reboot: Priscilla has taken over 300 people worldwide through this super effective and fun program. If you are a beginner or a foodie, Priscilla walks you step-by-step through her program. You’ll never imagine how good healthy feels “Eat Clean Reboot.

More details here.

Note: All these ladies and I were educated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so we have a similar outlook and foundation of knowledge on healthy eating and self-nourishment. 

And the final resource I recommend is my own recently released Clutter-Clearing, Performance-Boosting Home Study Guide. The Workbook, Quick Guide, and audio recordings share 18 tried and true tips for shifting your energy out of neutral into forward gear to get un-stuck and invite a light, fresh Spring-like vitality into your life and business.

Included are 3 of my Eastern-inspired secrets to rev up your metabolism, energy and improve your sense of well-being that don’t require hitting the gym or eating super foods. More details here.

Ideas You Can Implement Now

Implementing just one of these ideas consistently and mindfully can result in lightening your load and supporting your body in coming to its ideal weight.

(1) Chew your food.

Instead of swallowing your food too quickly, focus just on eating while you’re eating and chew each bite at least 20 times but ideally a lot more (even 50 to 100 times). I’ll share more details on why this is important on next week’s free call.

(2) Write down what you eat and drink.

The simple act of documenting in writing everything that passes between your lips increases your awareness of mindless and emotional eating and naturally motivates you to make better choices. One of the foundational principles I’m sharing on next week’s call will shed more light on this.

(3) Declutter your kitchen.

Taking the time to clear out all old packaged and processed foods from your cupboards and pantry closet, and remove all outdated jars and bottles in your refrigerator and spice collection shifts the energy of your kitchen and makes room for fresh, seasonal food. The #1 Eastern-inspired secret for weight loss that I’ll reveal on next week’s call helps explain why this is the case.

Remember to sign-up for my free call How to Lose Weight Effortlessly Without the 3 Dreaded D’s and plan to join it LIVE to receive the 4 special bonuses.

This time of year we’re all in it together! Let’s support each other on next week’s call. In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to hearing your successful weight loss and cleanse/detox stories!

Can you believe MY desk was THIS messy? (How decluttering can save you real $$$$)

The Bottom Line: Decluttering can save your sanity, your well-being and your bank account. Read on to learn how I did it and how you can do the same for yourself!

It’s true. I am my own best client.

Whatever I’m working on in my own life informs how I support my clients.

If there’s a challenge I’m struggling with, I try a bunch of different approaches to see what works best. Then, implement, refine, implement, refine over time until I’ve created a habit and added it to my list of Platinum Practices.

After the holidays, I started to get behind on putting things away. And, I have some new activities in my life that involved new materials and folders that did not yet have a home. One thing led to another and voila: my messy desk.

It’s happened before, and it will probably happen again.

But, the impact this time was even more destructive.

Desk BeforeThe Ugly Truth of What I Discovered Amidst the Piles and Chaos:

Not only could I not find the business card of the prospect I was supposed to follow up with, I misplaced an invoice I needed to pay. That translated into potential lost revenue and potentially harming my credit rating.

In the process of re-applying my tried and true strategies for getting organized and staying organized, I found a rebate check that had expired. Lost money. It was only worth $4, but still – every dollar adds up!

I also discovered (thankfully) a reminder to cancel my business insurance policy before the end of the month, since I had found a more appropriate and more affordable replacement. And, not only did I find that prospect’s business card, but I also found the cards of three others I want to follow up with in my network.

Desk AfterThe FANTASTIC Results of Investing JUST 3 hours of my time:

In just 3 hours, I re-organized my desk, my shelves, and my filing cabinet. What kind of return did I get on this investment?

  • Relaxed shoulders, open mind, and more free-flowing creative energy when I look at or sit down at my desk to work – PRICELESS!
  • Ease of work and being able to find what I need when I need it – PRICELESS!
  • Prevented loss of the monthly rate I was paying for that redundant insurance – $50/month
  • Future income from the prospect who wants to work with me (and the income from the referrals she will give me in the future) – $$$$ (thousands!)

So, how did I tackle my desk and get it done in such a short amount of time with such great results?All my easy-to-follow tips, simple strategies, and inspiring (and often humorous) ideas are included in my new Clutter-Clearing, Performance Boosting Home Study Guide.

And right here, right now, I’m going to share 7 Simple Steps for Re-discovering your Joy, your Freedom, and your Money — at home or in the office.

Why Bother to Declutter? 

Decluttering your physical environment helps to:

  • Melt away stress
  • Increase our productivity
  • Boost your happiness
  • Save you real money (see my story above)
  • Improve relations with your officemates/housemates
  • Free-up your mental and physical energy and creative flow
  • and much more!

Nothing is better than that ahhhhhhhhh feeling that comes from feeling good in your body, performing at your optimum level, and receiving the resulting prosperity that flows freely into your life and business.And when there is room for free air flow, to see the surfaces and for light to shine through, there is room for new abundance to rush in. Welcome the new, positive energy that will come from investing a few hours (or less) in clutter-clearing.

Step 1: NAME IT! Pick a small decluttering project you can tackle in half a day or less AND potentially have a big impact on your well-being and effectiveness.

Consider what is draining your energy the most AND impeding your forward progress on the work that inspires you in this world and brings meaning to your life.

It could be your email In Box, or your work area (especially if it’s a disaster like mine was), or your car, or your bedroom (especially if it’s affecting the quality of your sleep). It might be your refrigerator, a oft-used pantry closet, or your living room. Anything goes!


Step 2: BLOCK IT! Block time in your calendar and create an appointment with yourself to tackle the project.


Step 3: PREP IT! Consider what you’ll be doing and what supplies you might need. For example, I knew that I would need some additional file folders and labels, a permanent ink pen, an empty container beneath my shredder, and a storage box or two.


Step 4: DO IT! Protect that time in your schedule and follow through. Think of it as an appointment with your most important client or customer.


Step 5: DOCUMENT IT! Take before, during, and after pictures, to track our progress – it’s so incredibly satisfying. Trust me!


Step 6: LAUGH AND DANCE THROUGH IT! Make yourself a cup of tea or another special beverage, put on some great music to keep up your spirits and laugh at yourself with each new discovery you make.


Step 7: CELEBRATE IT! Savor the moment of completion by sharing your success. Show it off to your co-workers, your spouse, your friends, and others. Post your photos on Facebook or Instagram. Ask them to pat you on the back. Or, do what I did: I scheduled a massage for 2 PM that same day after I spent the morning re-organizing. That was a fantastic reward for the hard work I put in!


So, what project will you tackle? And, when will you do it? Send me an email and let me know so I can help hold you accountable!

Need more support?

clutter clearing productFor a limited time, before the official release of my new home study course, you can reserve your copy of the Clutter-Clearing, Performance Boosting Home Study Guide at a special pre-release price.

Here’s an Overview of What’s Included:

Week 1: “Retrain Your Brain for Maximum Peace and Productivity” Get ready to say goodbye to middle-of-the-night wake-ups full of anxiety, forgetfulness, impatience, headaches, and mental exhaustion. In this week, you’ll choose one of the three simple strategies that will bring you greater peace of mind, improve your ability to focus, and reclaim control of your over-active mind. And no, it doesn’t require overhauling your life, your office or your home.
Week 2: “Increase Your Energy without Exercise or Health Food” Before you even consider changing your exercise or eating habits, try my less-is-more approach to feeling more alive and ready to receive opportunities. I’ll share three of my Eastern-inspired secrets for revving up your metabolism, energy and improving your sense of well-being that don’t require hitting the gym or eating super foods. You’ll choose just one of three simple strategies and you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results in your weight, your focus, and your drive.
Week 3: “Ward Off Those Time-Sucking Vampires and Discover Hidden Pockets of Time You Didn’t Know You Had” Take a deep sigh of relief, because after this week’s call you’ll have a fist full of garlic to ward off those people and dreaded tasks that suck away at your time like a thirsty vampire. Think of this week as the opposite of a Franklin Covey Time Management course. In fact, I’ll introduce you to Eastern cultural perceptions of time. Choose one of three simple tips to wipe clean hours of wasted time each day and re-inspire a more youthful buoyancy in your every day routines.

Week 4: “Feel Totally Together and Organized By Decluttering Your Everyday Routines” Do you sometimes wish you could press pause on your mail and email delivery so that you could get on top of all this stuff once and for all and finally have some peace and quiet? Well, you don’t have to! The simple strategies I’ll share with you will streamline how you experience your work day, how you go about achieving your goals and will make you feel sane in a relentless world of constant requests of your time. You’ll choose one tip to implement for maximum impact!

Week 5: “Lighten Your Load to Feel In Charge Of Your Life and Keep More of What You Make” Did you know your work and home environments can either propel you forward or weigh you down and hold you back? In this fifth week, I’ll show you how decluttering your office and embracing conscious consumerism can actually increase your bottom line, improve your relationships and fuel you with unlimited energy. You choose just one of the three ideas I share and the pay-off to your performance (and your wallet!) will be huge.
Week 6: “Discover My Secrets for Staying On Track No Matter What Comes Your Way” Want to learn the number one secret that keeps my clients on track for successfully walking their talk and living the life they dreamed? Listen in to learn how the minor set-backs, major detours, and energy-draining failures of everyday life and business can be leveraged to create a gold mine of guideposts to fuel your on-going and upward-evolving optimum performance.

And the special bonus is a free Q&A call with me!

More details here.

Here’s to you feeling lighter, more inspired, and more in control of your time and energy!

Is that your Head Trash talking? (5 steps to removing it so you can grow your income and influence!)

Earlier this month, I attended a professional development workshop hosted by the Philadelphia chapter of NAWBO (the National Association of Women Business Owners). There were two compelling presenters there: Lena West of Influence Expansion and Gary Fedor of Capstone Training and Development (part of Sandler Training).

Among the many valuable “ah-ha” moments I experienced, was the realization that I still have a lot of head trash floating around in my mind that is getting in the way of me positively transforming more people’s lives and businesses.

woman-trash-head258x450What’s head trash?

While teaching us that up to 80% of our business can come from client referrals, Gary said the hesitancy we experience when reaching out to clients to ASK for referrals is rooted in head trash.


It got me thinking about chitta vritti, the yogic term for the turnings of the mind. These can be distracting thoughts, busy activity that prevents us from focusing, really anything false that gets in the way of us realizing our true nature.

Head trash! You won’t find that term in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or any of the Vedas.

Gary challenged us to clear out that head trash and practice asking for referrals.

So, here I go. Big and bold. Doing it right here in public format.

[And if you’re in a business where you too could benefit from getting more referrals, then follow along to learn how this goes…]


STEP ONE: Bring in the garbage truck to remove the trash. [Note: I added this step to Gary’s approach, as it’s a critical first step in starting any new endeavor!]

Head Trash Item #1: “You [my readers, my clients] don’t know anyone who is stressed out, feeling overwhelmed by their obligations at work and home, or who complains about feeling derailed from their original hopes and dreams. “

Of course you do!

GONE – cross that one out and throw it in the back of the garbage truck!

Head Trash Item #2: “You are too busy to think about who in your circle of influence would benefit from working with me.”

Really? It only takes about 5 to 10 seconds at most.

GONE – tossed into the dumpster, ready to be loaded into that truck!

Head Trash Item #3: “Even though you know the value of my support far exceeds the monetary investment, you feel it’s not your place to suggest other people should invest in themselves the way you have so successfully done for yourself.”

Of course you want to see other people loving themselves and life even more and enjoying the success that comes from performing at their optimum level and living in alignment with their dreams.

GONE – hog wash! Wiped clean and presently being crushed by the powerful jaws of the trash compactor.


STEP TWO: Thank you for the positive feedback you’ve given me.

I truly and deeply appreciate that you have taken the time to tell me in such detail about the positive impact I’ve had on your personal life and your professional life.

Seeing you experience such an incredibly positive and meaningful transformation is exactly why I get up every day and do this work!


STEP THREE: Let you know that referrals help me to continually improve my offerings to you.

You may not know this, but client referrals are not only some of the most enjoyable new clients to work with, but also…

When a majority of my new business comes through referrals, my time gets freed up to focus on ways to be a better coach, a more creative writer and communicator, and continually improve the ways in which I help you create breakthrough results.

Instead of spending time marketing myself and my business, I can focus more time on providing better support to my existing clients.

And with more free time, I invest even more in my own professional development and studies of ancient Eastern practices that help us live and work in a way that is simpler, more effective, more enjoyable, more meaningful—and ultimately more prosperous.

I am then able to share these ideas with you: in my writings and audio/video recordings, and in my coaching programs.


STEP FOUR: Ask for a referral.

A great referral for me is someone who is still living under the illusion that working harder and working more hours is the way out of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted.

Or someone who you’ve noticed complains a lot about being stressed, who is continually late, missing deadlines, getting sick a lot. Someone who has trouble drawing or managing boundaries and is continually getting sucked into doing more and more for others.

Someone who could really benefit from taking a breather and getting some perspective on what’s most important and how to achieve goals by simplifying and doing less – not only for themselves, but for those who count on them – their colleagues, family members, clients or customers, even people in their community.

Who in your personal or professional circles of influence might benefit from a call from me?


STEP FIVE: Thank you for the referral.

I’m sorry to hear how much he is struggling, but you’re right: it does sound like he could really benefit from my support.

I very much appreciate your trust in me. When I reach out to him, I will take care to be as present and warm and supportive of him as I have always been with you.

Thank you!


Wrapping It Up

Whew! I did it! I cleared out my head trash and asked YOU for a referral!

It feels great to lighten the load of false beliefs and limiting thoughts, and I hope you too benefit from using this approach in your own work life.

I look forward to receiving more of your referrals AND I look forward to hearing how you do trying this approach and asking for your own referrals.

Remember: The secret to performing at your optimal level and achieving success is learning how to do less in such a way that you generate better results—for your overall life and for your business!

And when you do so, we ALL benefit.


P.S. Stay tuned, as I’ll soon be announcing a new offering designed to not only clear out your head trash but free-up your energy to get better results in your work life and more enjoyment in your overall life…

Are you secretly waiting for someone to die or for work to slow down?

Most of us are holding off on making a change in life.

Why? We’re waiting.

Subconsciously, you too may have decided to wait until something happens.

What is it that you’re waiting for?

Are you waiting…

  • To feel better?
  • To retire?
  • To get laid off?
  • To get in better shape?
  • For work to slow down?
  • For your children to leave the nest?
  • To come into money?
  • To sleep better?
  • For permission?
  • To know “enough”?
  • To have “the right” credentials or past experience?
  • To have more energy?

I have a little secret to tell you…

That may not happen anytime soon.

And how does it feel to know that you might wake up in the exact same situation you’re in (or worse) a year from now, or five years from now, or decades from now?

Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that you’ve been waiting, and that it’s time to let that go.

Maybe it’s time to give yourself permission to not need someone else’s permission.

Maybe it’s time to take one small step toward something better… CARPE DIEM!

There is only full week left in January to schedule your New Year’s Resolution Strategy Session with me. More details here.

Show Up the Naysayers with these 3 Quick Tips…

Recently I’ve been reading how New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time. Nonsense!

Riding the fresh wave of energy that comes out of the turn of the new calendar year is a super smart way to re-energize your most important goals.

Read on for 3 Quick Tips to help you Show Up the Naysayers and Create a New Year’s Resolution worth Shouting to the World…

1 – Line it up!
Make sure the wording of your New Year’s Resolution AND its supportive actions directly support what you want most in life.

If you don’t really like to eat vegetables, then find another way to get healthier. If you don’t really want to work harder, then resolve to find a way to work smarter. If you’re craving more time with good friends, then don’t create a resolution that has you working out 4 times a week by yourself.

When your thoughts, words, and actions support your vision, you are more likely to get the results you want.

2- Make it ZING!
The words “get in shape” sound so flat and boring. Much different from “Feel sexy, fit, and fabulous everyday so I can boost my energy, attract my perfect mate, and invite into my life even more prosperity.”

“Find more meaning in life” sounds like a great intention, but what exactly does that mean? Try something more specific and inspiring like “Spend two fun hours with good friends at least twice a month and watch at least one inspiring TED talk at least once a week.”

3 – Join a Band!
I don’t actually mean pick up an instrument and join a band, unless that is actually your desire. I mean, don’t go it alone! You’re more likely to be successful if you have someone encouraging you and ideally even doing “it” with you.

Being a member of a band, rather than playing solo, helps build in (1) accountability – so you actually show up at the gym, (2) creative inspiration – you have someone else to bounce ideas off of and also suggest alternatives when you feel stuck, and (3) shared rewards – celebrate by giving virtual and actual high fives and pats on the back.

One woman who I met with by phone for a New Year’s Resolution Strategy Session commented that I really “nailed it” when I helped her clarify and move forward with her goals, and another man commented how “motivating and inspiring” it was to receive my support during this special one-hour coaching session.

I can’t wait to give you my undivided attention and support you with my warm and wise guidance!

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Braggin' about my awesome clients…

One of the best things I’m going to be celebrating tonight for New Year’s Eve, is just how awesome my clients are!

I raise my glass to the following clients* and their accomplishments in 2012:


She wrote this to me in her holiday card:

“Thanks for all your support over the year and especially this past year that was so difficult for me. You helped me figure out how to deal with my new life situation with my aging mother and you helped me make my dream come true; to be a professor at Penn. It’s going great and I just love it!”


In spite of an incredibly challenging schedule, he successfully integrated several mindset, breathing, yoga, and meditation practices, resulting in a lower average golf score, finishing his work projects ahead of schedule and under budget, and generally enjoying life more.


During our work together, she realized she wanted to sell her business earlier than planned so she could pursue a new career path in her 60s. She identified and groomed a successor, and in her holiday card she shared “I am moving closer to my goals each day and am halfway through my [certification] program.”


Prior to working with me, Katherine had no new business revenue and was doubting her decision to leave the corporate world and start her own business. Now she is in discussions with one of the largest television networks in the U.S. about doing her own show! An amazing shift in less than a year.


On the verge of shutting down the business he had spent 6 years building, he worked with me to clarify the overall vision he had for his life and realized he neither wanted to continue in his business “as is” or go work for someone else. After laying out the terms for what he wanted, and letting go of his fears, he successfully secured a large investor in his business, along with an equity partner to handle all the operational details that caused him stress.


Marva had dedicated 25 years of her life to her children’s healthy growth and development, and began working with me to turn much of that energy inward to her own personal evolution. In just 6 months, she cultivated and consistently practiced an inspiring set of platinum practices that resulted in her losing 25 lbs, boosting her mental & physical energy, negotiating a better equity deal in her business partnership and shifting her role to focus more on her passions and strengths, traveling domestically and internationally to places she’d always wanted to visit, and more.


Over the course of our work together, Ellen has consistently impressed me with her ability to fully embrace the ideas of “letting go of the shoulds” and “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Within 10 months, she quit her day job and started her own company, moved her primary residence from the suburbs into the heart of the city, started a new romantic relationship, and started challenging herself in amateur martial arts competitions.

To my dear readers:

Not all of my clients experience such awesome results. There are no guarantees. And there have been some spectacular duds over the past 9 years of coaching private clients. But, this past 18 month stretch has seen some pretty extraordinary shifts among the clients in my practice. I sincerely hope it continues for everyone in my tribe!

Dearest clients:

It is my honor to witness your transformations and to be a part of your path. When you breakthrough to perform at a higher level, I know the benefits you experience have a ripple effect that positively influence us all. Thank you for your trust, your willingness to experiment and try new practices, and for believing in yourself!

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Happy New Year to All!


Erin Owen

Performance Breakthrough Coach

*Note: Some of the names and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect my clients’ privacy – that is, until they decide to shout their excitement to the world and toot their own horn!

When it feels like you’re scaling a mountain (What Mt Kilimanjaro taught me)

Climb Mt. KilmanjaroIt’s dark. So dark I can’t see in front of me more than a few inches. But I am intensely focused on the sound of my strained breathing and the strange scraping sound of my feet dragging through the scree (loose stones that resemble gravel).

Occasionally I hear a cough from someone in the line of climbers behind me, and each time I stumble, our guide says “pole, pole” (meaning “slow, slow” in Swahili).

It’s the final ascent up Kilimanjaro. They woke us at midnight, fed us popcorn and hot black tea, then led us away from our rocky, mountainside campsite through a pass in the cavernous rocks to the open trail. The sky was thankfully clear, with the full moon shining brightly overhead.

But, in these final hours, it seems the moon has disappeared. In fact, all sense of reality and direction has left me completely. I feel lost, with my awareness switching between two dominant states.

One state of mind is focused completely on surviving – breathing rapidly, trying desperately to take in a quick succession of breaths to get enough oxygen at this high altitude of nearly 19,000 feet above sea level.

I feel as though I have absolutely no reserve in the depth of my bones; no energy to tap whatsoever to take another step, to get to the top. How can I go on? What did I sign up for?

Then, my awareness rapidly switches to the other dominant state of mind: excitement, exhilaration; reminding me that “oh yes, I am almost there. Almost to the top of Kilimanjaro! I’ll see the sunrise soon and look out over the Tanzanian and Kenyan landscapes to the vast wild world of African below. I can do it!”

Each step up and “forward” feels defeating. As I lift a hiking boot a foot step ahead, my boot sinks into the loose scree and slides back downhill almost as far as I stepped ahead. Only a few inches of progress a minute, it feels.

“Oh my god, will this ever end?” I don’t have the energy to look forward or even up at my desired destination: the top of Kili. My head hangs heavily, exhausted; my eyes glazed and unfocused, with only my peripheral vision taking in vague, grayed images around me.

There are times in my business when I feel like this. Everything feels like a slog. The literal and painful experience that epitomizes the saying “two steps forward, one step back.” When I’m in this low place, I find it hard to keep my head up. Hard to focus on the big picture, my desired destination that is my vision for my business and my life.

I know you experience these moments too. And sometimes those moments stretch to days, weeks, months – and sometimes years.

But, there’s hope.

When we reached the top of Kilimanjaro and turned around to take in the view, it was both everything I’d every imagined – and a bit disappointing.

See, we were promised that if we left at midnight to hike up, we would arrive at the top to see the sunrise. But, our progress was slower than expected and so the sun was already up once we arrived. And the cloud cover blocked the view of much of the African landscape, offering just bits and pieces of what lay below, along with the not-too-distant peak of Mount Meru.

And yet – a dream come true! I had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in all of the African continent; 19,314 feet or so above sea level. An amazing achievement and incredible experience to share with my new husband Matt on our 3-week honeymoon trip to Tanzania in East Africa.

top of Kilimanjaro

I share this personal story with you from my life ten years ago because I want to help you to – not only climb your version of Mt. Kilimanjaro – but do so in a way that feels enjoyable, effortless, and allows you to get to the top sooner so you can see the sunrise from the top.

I’ve been there. I’ve experienced many challenges in my life and business ventures, and also (thankfully!) had many more successes.

And now I want to support you in identifying your Mt. Kilimanjaro – your big, bold vision for your life and your business – by cultivating the mindset and practices that will get you to the top sooner, with greater ease.

As I mentioned in last week’s ezine, I recently published my first book. You could say this is another mountain scaled in my two-decade long career. And I’m celebrating in every way I can!

To share my joy with you, for a very short period of time – and to support you in climbing your Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’m offering a 50% discount on my 1-day Performance Breakthrough Retreats.

This is a HUGE gift to you, and I’m so excited to extend this offer to you.

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