How can you get ahead in your life and career when you don’t have enough time? It’s definitely not by doing more, more, more. So then what?

I had fun sharing my tried and true strategies in a recent podcast with Carlee Myers on The Stress Less Show. As you will learn, the 3 strategies to support you to be more productive by doing less and making aligned choices in your life — including for your career growth or reinvention. .

Hints at what I talk about:
#1 Say NO to… (click here to listen to learn what to say no to)
#2 This one relates to scheduling and energy levels… what do you guess I’ll say? (click here to find out)
#3 One Touch (curious what this is about? Click here to learn)

It is normal to get stalled in your Executive Career Reinvention if you feel overwhelmed and overcommitted. Try these strategies to free-up minutes (if not hours) of your day, so you can re-direct your energy and life force in support of what your heart is calling for!

Which strategy calls most strongly to you? And what is the smallest step you can take today to practice this in your life?

I invite you to reply and let me know!

Here’s to your reinvention!

Erin Owen, MBA, PCC, JCTC
Executive Career Reinvention
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