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How do you need to show up in our new reality of dynamically changing work? And what do you need to be ready for if you’re transitioning out of a more traditional work environment?

You need to…

BE adaptable in the roles you play based on the context, project, and what is needed.

Read on to learn what I mean by this…

Within one single day, you may need to change “hats” several times — and perhaps even multiple times back and forth within a single meeting or piece of work. By “hats”, I mean roles, mindsets, approaches.

Are you a decision-maker? Are you making your decisions solo or with contributions from others? Is consensus needed or can you be more directive? What do others need to know about your decision-making process in order to have greater confidence in you and your decisions?

Are you a contributor? What are you contributing? How is what you are contributing complementary or additive to what others are contributing? How do you need to work with or relate to other contributors, or to decision-makers?

Are you creating or innovating or ideating? Is this process happening within yourself, with others, or a combination? And how and when is this happening? What, if anything, do others need to know about your process? And when do they need to know?

Are you implementing or executing what others have created or decided? What do you need to know (and from whom) to do your thing? Who do you ask if you have questions? What, if any, authority do you have to manage problems and address challenges on your own if they arise in the implementation stage? Who else is involved in implementation?

Hierarchically, who are you managing up to? Who are you co-managing with or laterally managing? Who are you responsible for overseeing or managing?

Pause now and consider: within the context of your day and your portfolio of projects, which hats are you wearing and which hat in which situation? Another way to think about this is: within any one situation or conversation, what “hat” does the other person (or people) need you to wear?

You must BE adaptable in the project economy.

This requires being PRESENT: pause to think ahead about what is needed — and HOW YOU NEED TO SHOW UP. Be READY to shift mental gears based on the role you are playing in the moment.

In support of being present, you must put in place and consistently uphold your personal performance platinum practices (P4). (P4 are your foundational best practices that support you in being your best).

What are your P4?

  • Healthy sleep habits for energy & steadier emotional grounding?
  • Clean eating for clear thinking and feeling at your best?
  • Staying hydrated to relieve tension and allow creative ideas to flow?
  • Taking breaks or varying your time blocks to support the way you work best?
  • A task management system or an e-mail inbox zero protocol?

Your P4 can be anything at all to support you in being your best.

In the Executive Career ReinventionTM program, we encourage clients to practice meditation 5-10 minutes regularly (ideally daily). Why? Practices like meditation help you to block out distractions, clear your mind, and stay grounded in your goals. When you are clear-headed and grounded, you are ready to BE adaptable — just what the world and its fast-changing demands most need you to be to be successful.

Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for awhile, a great resource that is offered by the Chopra Center is a free guided 21-day introduction to meditation. The next offering begins February 3, 2020 and you can register here.

There are also many convenient apps you can download to your smart phone, including The Mindfulness App, Headspace, Calm, and more. One recent graduate of the Executive Career ReinventionTM program is reading the book Ten Percent Happier and using its corresponding app for his meditation practice.

What will you do today to BE your best, ready for whatever our new economy brings your way?

If it’s time for you to start exploring what’s next for your Career Reinvention, we invite you to take the first step: apply for a call with our lead coach Erin Owen. Why wait?

Here’s to your reinvention!

Erin Owen, MBA, PCC, JCTC
Executive Career Reinvention
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