Is this coaching relevant for someone who is not transitioning from one “corporate world” position to another “corporate world” position?

Absolutely! Our clients’ transition experiences include making changes within the same industry and also go far beyond corporate-to-corporate, cover a wide range of transitions, including:

  • affirming they are in the right role for now but shifting how they translate their strengths/interests, delegating/outsourcing differently, etc.
  • clarifying a new next role within their same industry and creating a plan to secure that
  • identifying, researching, and confirming a totally new direction to a different industry or area of expertise at a similar organizational level or higher — sometimes involving additional certification or education
  • exploring whether to stay in an administrative leadership position at a large university and ultimately applying for and securing a private-sector leadership role
  • deciding they want to “create” their own next role in a consultancy or a new business and go the more entrepreneurial route, or take a “side hustle” and make it their primary work
  • transition from being a business owner or partner to going “in-house” in an executive or leadership capacity to another company
  • preparing to transition out of military leadership into the civilian sector, negotiating among three different offers from international companies, and deciding on a best role that aligned all interests and values, that was also geographically close to extended family
  • taking a “side hobby” or smaller interest/skillset and elevating it to the focus of a new role
  • changing their mind about “I want to sell the company” to instead bringing in a new partner, or hiring new c-suite leadership so they can shift their role in the company
  • shifting to part-time “portfolio” approach to work, becoming a “free agent” type contractor
  • and more…

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