Tiniest of steps..When faced with exhaustion and overwhelm, there can be the sense that everything has to change. Your work, your relationships, your living situation, your weight, and on and on.

And yet that feels even more overwhelming. And so you shut down.

But what if you imagined the teeniest tiniest step you could take in a slightly different direction. And then break that step down into 3 even smaller steps, and what does that leave? Then take the first of those 3 smaller steps and break that small steps into 3 steps and so on.

Do this until the result is as small as one single step that a centipede might take, or one wing flap of a hummingbird, or one downward blink of your eyelid.

Start here, with the tiniest of steps. Take a breath. Complete it. Take another breath and decide: is that enough for now? Or, do I want to take the next teeniest tiniest step?

You choose.

Transforming your life can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it all at once. Start infinitesimally small. And breathe.