Ride the Spring SURGE to your next stage of growth!Can you feel it?

Spring energy is pushing you to clean out the old and make room for new growth.

Maybe you’ve felt the urge already?

The urge to…

…weed your winter plant beds?

…go through your finances and cut out unnecessary expenses?

…clean out closets and drawers?

…phase out unprofitable clients?

…declutter your desktop?

…stop dedicating time to tasks you should be delegating?

…delete unnecessary files taking up hard disk space?

…stop playing old “tapes” in your mind?

…let go of some unhealthy relationships?

I encourage you to follow these urges!
(When was the last time someone told you that? Ha!)

Once you’ve cleared some space in your mental, physical, emotional, digital, and calendar spaces, you will have created a VACUUM! A vacuum to invite in what energizes you, enriches you, enlivens you.

Who doesn’t want that?

So, where do you begin with cleaning out the old? How do you make it manageable?

Start with the urge that is bugging you the most. Carve out 30 minutes of time. (Check out my past blog post on the Focus 30 practice for ideas on how to be super productive in just 30 minutes.)

Use as many 30 minutes increments as you need across a day, several days or a week to knock out your first urge. Then, notice how you FEEL. What do you THINK? Observe the impact of cleaning out just one area of “old” to make room for new growth.

Then, rinse and repeat. Pick your second urge and do this again. And again. Through the next several weeks – even into April, to ride the spring SURGE to your next stage of growth!

And remember you can always call me or email me for support: as a coach I will support you to clarify your list of things to clean out, create manageable timelines and structure to follow-through, and cheer with you each time you cross the finish line.

Here’s to your new growth!